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LFF means: Ladies Fashion First

Ladies Fashion First

CFW means: China Fashion Weekly

China Fashion Weekly

NYFA means: New York Fashion Academy

New York Fashion Academy

HSFI means: High School of Fashion Industries

High School of Fashion Industries

FIA means: Fashion Industry Association

Fashion Industry Association

YCAF means: Youngs Crochet and Fashion

Youngs Crochet and Fashion

FFI means: Flanders Fashion Institute

Flanders Fashion Institute

MDFI means: Melbourne Design and Fashion Incubator

Melbourne Design and Fashion Incubator

FWD means: : Fashion Wire Daily

: Fashion Wire Daily

LIFW means: Lakme India Fashion Week

Lakme India Fashion Week

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in fashion?

Meaning of fashion by its letters

fashion acronym or abbreviation means:

F: Meaning of F in fashion. The letter F is like the letter E, but without the bottom rung. Even without this rung, F shows remarkable stability on its single leg. It means devotion, loving, uncomplaining, defensive, calm. F stands up straights and exemplifies straightforwardness, accountability and harmoniousness.

A: Meaning of A in fashion. The letter A has two bars connected at a pointed edge and a cross bar holding them together. From an open end to a pointed edge signifies that all energies are trained to a point to achieve the most singularly important goal. The cross bar shows caution. Failure is avoided by stringing all required resources together. A also looks like a Pyramid with the peak as the apex of the Pyramid. Pyramids are iconic. A therefore symbolizes prominence and a desire to be recognized for ones achievements. The cross bar also represents a rung in ladder. To get to the top, one has to first step on the rung. It also means originality, a strong will power and an enterprising ability. The upper-case version consists of the two slanting sides of a triangle, crossed in the middle by a horizontal bar. It shows aspiration, the dominance to be successful, positive attitude, an optimistic world view and egotism.

S: Meaning of S in fashion. S is a single strand that goes forward and backwards. It shows a willingness to explore. Friendliness, perceptiveness and accommodating are all S qualities. The ends pointing forward and backwards shows a conflicting nature with itself and a degree of puzzlement.

H: Meaning of H in fashion. H looks like a ladder. As a ladder, it implies rising from the bottom with effort. H shows inspiration and firmness. The connected of the uprights parts indicate impartiality. The letter H is upright and stable indicating calmness and self-reliance.

I: Meaning of I in fashion. I is a singular letter that thrives on it's on. It is altruistic, concerned, kind, responsive. It shows little tolerance to the outside, it is forceful, alert, self-reliant, loving, egoistic, mutinous, and learned.

O: Meaning of O in fashion. O is well carved with no pointed edges. It is smooth and closed. It shows deep in thought, well disciplined, down in the dumps and caring. The roundedness of the O with lookout in the middle indicates a peering nature into the outside. This means, lookout for the mysterious and be home-loving and enjoy the things that are close by. It is a traditionalist letter.

N: Meaning of N in fashion. N has two stable ends on the ground and two upwards displaying confidence. It is willing to explore upwards as well as downwards indicating intellectual curiosity. It becomes sluggish if its spaces get filled with water thereby wasting talent from less agility. This makes it easily affected, but good fortunes always come to it.

What does fashion mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation fashion. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the fashion acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of fashion

fashion has a life path of 9. fashion means: With a Life Path 9, your numbers are (9, 18/9, 27/9, 36/9). The Life Path 9 indicates that you entered this life with an abundance of dramatic feelings coupled with a strong sense of compassion and generosity. The key to the nature of a Life Path number 9 person is in their humanitarian attitude. Even the average possess extremely compassionate tendencies with life path 9. Usually this number produces a person who is very trustworthy and honorable, and can accommodate any kind of prejudice. Obviously this is a pretty tall order, but you are actually a person who for individuals less fortunate than yourself feel very deeply, and if you are able to help, sure. 9 is the highest of the single digit numbers, holds an elevated position with respect to the responsibility for mankind. Material gains are not as important, even though the quality of some with life path 9 is such that they will be rewarded clearly with material gains. However, it is the way of 9 Life path is not to get rich extravagantly, because they are very generous, sometimes to a fault, and usually have an easy come, easy go attitude about money. The rare 9 life path has a completely unselfish attitude, to give up the attitude of material possessions for the common good. The life path 9 indicates that you have a strong presence. You have the ability to make friends easily because people are attracted to your magnetic, open personality. To describe the way of life path 9, you may be in fact the one who is optimistic with good warmth and being friendly at heart is generally in your nature. You'll meet people easily and make friends quickly, because of your candor and amiable behavior. Your brilliant ways are set often in all areas of activity you pursue. Relationships can be difficult for you, because it is difficult to find a balance that works efficiently. If your partner shares your attitude, the relationship will be happy and permanent. On the other hand, if you have a partner, whose goal is to gain material things, problems may arise quickly. They tend to be very sensitive, as you see the world with a lot of emotion. The number 9 with very deep understanding of life is sometimes manifested in the artistic and literary fields. When the drama and action are not your forte, they will certainly be an area of ​​great interest and potential. Similarly, you might be able to express your deep emotional feelings through painting, writing, music or other art forms. The purpose of life for those who have a 9 life path, is often philosophically. The judges, the spiritual leaders, healers and educators frequently have much 9 energy. The holders of life path 9 are less inclined to see a competitive environment or fight. How about the negatives of life path 9? Due to the demanding nature of the truly positive 9, many tend to fail in this category. It is common for people struggling with life path 9 to live a fulfilling life grounded in reality. The challenges of purpose imposed by society because of selflessness is not an easy undertaking. You can find it difficult to believe that giving and a lack of personal ambition can be satisfying. It must be realized and accepted that little long-term satisfaction and happiness is to be gained by rejecting the natural humanitarian inclinations of this path.


More meanings / definitions of fashion or words, sentences containing fashion?

Beau (n.): A man who takes great care to dress in the latest fashion; a dandy.

Fashion-monger (n.): One who studies the fashions; a fop; a dandy.

Modist (n.): One who follows the fashion.

Fashion (n.): The prevailing mode or style, especially of dress; custom or conventional usage in respect of dress, behavior, etiquette, etc.; particularly, the mode or style usual among persons of good breeding; as, to dress, dance, sing, ride, etc., in the fashion.

Feat (v. t.): To form; to fashion.

Modish (a.): According to the mode, or customary manner; conformed to the fashion; fashionable; hence, conventional; as, a modish dress; a modish feast.

Tiger's-foot (n.): A name given to some species of morning-glory (Ipomoea) having the leaves lobed in pedate fashion.

Fashionable (a.): Observant of the fashion or customary mode; dressing or behaving according to the prevailing fashion; as, a fashionable man.

Intend (v. t.): To design mechanically or artistically; to fashion; to mold.

Explode (v. t.): To bring into disrepute, and reject; to drive from notice and acceptance; as, to explode a scheme, fashion, or doctrine.

Way (n.): Manner; method; mode; fashion; style; as, the way of expressing one's ideas.

New (superl.): Having existed, or having been made, but a short time; having originated or occured lately; having recently come into existence, or into one's possession; not early or long in being; of late origin; recent; fresh; modern; -- opposed to old, as, a new coat; a new house; a new book; a new fashion.

Desuetude (n.): The cessation of use; disuse; discontinuance of practice, custom, or fashion.

Style (v. t.): Conformity to a recognized standard; manner which is deemed elegant and appropriate, especially in social demeanor; fashion.

Beauty (n.): Prevailing style or taste; rage; fashion.

Scuffle (v. i.): To strive or struggle with a close grapple; to wrestle in a rough fashion.

Old-fashioned (a.): Formed according to old or obsolete fashion or pattern; adhering to old customs or ideas; as, an old-fashioned dress, girl.

Guise (n.): Customary way of speaking or acting; custom; fashion; manner; behavior; mien; mode; practice; -- often used formerly in such phrases as: at his own guise; that is, in his own fashion, to suit himself.

Figure (n.): To represent by a figure, as to form or mold; to make an image of, either palpable or ideal; also, to fashion into a determinate form; to shape.

Paletot (n.): A lady's outer garment, -- of varying fashion.

Fashion (n.): Polite, fashionable, or genteel life; social position; good breeding; as, men of fashion.

Farrand (n.): Manner; custom; fashion; humor.

Dolman (n.): A cloak of a peculiar fashion worn by women.

Turn (n.): Form; cast; shape; manner; fashion; -- used in a literal or figurative sense; hence, form of expression; mode of signifying; as, the turn of thought; a man of a sprightly turn in conversation.

Swelldom (n.): People of rank and fashion; the class of swells, collectively.

Compose (v. t.): To form by putting together two or more things or parts; to put together; to make up; to fashion.

Reforge (v. t.): To forge again or anew; hence, to fashion or fabricate anew; to make over.

Wear (n.): The thing worn; style of dress; the fashion.

Trapes (v. i.): To go about in an idle or slatternly fashion; to trape; to traipse.

Conventionalism (n.): That which is received or established by convention or arbitrary agreement; that which is in accordance with the fashion, tradition, or usage.

Meaning of grope

grope means: n fondle (in a sexual fashion): As soon as the lights went out, Bob groped her and she kicked him in the nuts. I knew he’d do something like that eventually but I don’t think any of us expected him to do it at a funeral.

Meaning of slummock

slummock means: Noun. A dirty, untidy or lazy person. {Informal}Verb. To behave in a lazy and unkempt fashion. {Informal}

Meaning of doggie fashion

doggie fashion means: Adj. An act of sex in the manner of dogs, that is, with both partners facing the same direction and on their knees.

Meaning of major (2)

major (2) means: Used in similar fashion to "brilliant" or "cool". Often used alone, or to describe something or as a substitute for the word "really". Currently used by girls aged about 16 in a comprehensive school in Essex.

Meaning of charlie's dead!

charlie's dead! means: Exclam. A euphemistic warning for your petticoat or slip is showing. An expression rapidly becoming obsolete with the changing of fashion away from wearing such items.

Meaning of de moda

de moda means: in fashion; in style


KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES means: Keep up with the Joneses is slang for to compete with one's peers in trends and fashion.

Meaning of cuffy

cuffy means: Badly dressed. A wearer of outdated style of clothing. To say someone was cuffy was the worst possible thing you could say to them. It meant they had no dress sense - wore trousers that had obviously been hand-me-downs from their brother, flares. For a brief while, those parka coats with fur round the hood were the ultimate fashion no-no, and wearing one condemned you to face life as a cuffy. In some areas it was aslso used to indicate a child didn't wash too regularly.

Meaning of dog, doggy (3)

dog, doggy (3) means: To have sex; usually vaginal (occ. anal) but effected whilst the female is in a kneeling position. Also seen in the form "Doing it doggy fashion".


FIRECRACKER means: artillery round incorporating many small bomblets which are ejected over a target area and explode in 'bouncing-betty' fashion almost simultaneously, the name comes from the fast popping sound (best heard at a distance).

Meaning of core

core means: One of those words added at the end of phrases meaning 'fully'. Used in a similar fashion to that other execrable phrase 'to the max', i.e. She's fully sick core!" (ed: I have to stop reading this stuff... my IQ is dropping by the minute!)

Meaning of ANT'S PANTS

ANT'S PANTS means: Ant's pants is Australian slang for the height of fashion.

Meaning of Case shot

Case shot means: A collection of small projectiles put up in cases to fire from a cannon; canister shot. Its composition and fashion have changed from time to time. Also, a shrapnel-shell, or spherical iron case containing a number of bullets. (dates from 1654, at least)

Meaning of dory-fashion

dory-fashion means: (ship-shaped) a person wearing unattractive or poorly made clothes

Meaning of clotheshorse

clotheshorse means: Term used for 'fashion models' because they are there simply to hang clothes on. Their looks and personality really mean nothing to the designers, the only feature important is that they are a 'stock' shape. The name comes from the shape of the drying racks used by cloth dyers in the 17th Century.

Meaning of doggie fashion

doggie fashion means: Anal intercourse with the one being fucked on all four, while the one doing the fucking, mounts from the rear like a dog would, that is with both partners facing the same direction and on one's knees.

Meaning of BHUTTU (BUHTUH)

BHUTTU (BUHTUH) means: an uncouth, out of fashion, uncultured person Use: Wey yu a go inna dem deh cloze? Yu fayva buttu

Meaning of gay (2)

gay (2) means: Nothing to do with homosexuality, but anything that doesn't work right, especially to do with computer games or general entertainment. also when people cheat online or game 'lags up' (suffers from internet delays) eg 'that was gay'. Also anything inconvenient, unfashionable or disappointing. Used in place of 'this/that sucks' or is 'this/that is uncool' and is used mostly by Middle School and High School students. Ex. 'We have to write a five page essay!' 'That is so gay!". Similarly another definition submission says: Stupid, uncool, ridiculous (read comment!), I've heard this common name for homosexuals used in my boarding school, Kodaikanal International School of India, in sentences like "Man, that is so gay!" or "Don't be gay man, now gimme the ball!" no way to tell how it originated. classmate from Arizona told me he heard it being used in a similar fashion in his old school as well. wierd.

Meaning of dunkadelic

dunkadelic means: Is the fusion of sports and music inspired by the cultural aesthetics of urban style, fashion, and attitude.  "He has a dunkadelic style to his game." 

Meaning of arse

arse means: n 1 what you sit on. Very close in meaning to the American “ass,” although actually derived from a different root, as arse is an old English word meaning “tail.” I can’t be arsed I can’t be bothered. bunch of arse load of nonsense: I never bothered reading the bible, the whole thing is a bunch of arse. 2 interj rats. Used alone in a similar fashion to bollocks: I’m sorry to tell you, sir, but you’ve missed the last train. / Arse!

Meaning of Scuffle

Scuffle means: To strive or struggle with a close grapple; to wrestle in a rough fashion.

Meaning of Bon ton

Bon ton means: The height of the fashion; fashionable society.

Meaning of Wise

Wise means: Way of being or acting; manner; mode; fashion.

Meaning of Old-fashioned

Old-fashioned means: Formed according to old or obsolete fashion or pattern; adhering to old customs or ideas; as, an old-fashioned dress, girl.

Meaning of Lovelock

Lovelock means: A long lock of hair hanging prominently by itself; an earlock; -- worn by men of fashion in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I.

Meaning of Paletot

Paletot means: A lady's outer garment, -- of varying fashion.

Meaning of Craze

Craze means: A temporary passion or infatuation, as for same new amusement, pursuit, or fashion; as, the bric-a-brac craze; the aesthetic craze.

Meaning of Fashion

Fashion means: The make or form of anything; the style, shape, appearance, or mode of structure; pattern, model; as, the fashion of the ark, of a coat, of a house, of an altar, etc.; workmanship; execution.

Meaning of Farrand

Farrand means: Manner; custom; fashion; humor.

Meaning of Alamodality

Alamodality means: The quality of being a la mode; conformity to the mode or fashion; fashionableness.

Meaning of Fashion

Fashion means: The prevailing mode or style, especially of dress; custom or conventional usage in respect of dress, behavior, etiquette, etc.; particularly, the mode or style usual among persons of good breeding; as, to dress, dance, sing, ride, etc., in the fashion.

Meaning of Fashioned

Fashioned means: of Fashion

Meaning of Mint

Mint means: To invent; to forge; to fabricate; to fashion.

Meaning of Refashion

Refashion means: To fashion anew; to form or mold into shape a second time.

Meaning of Dorian

Dorian means: Of or pertaining to the ancient Greeks of Doris; Doric; as, a Dorian fashion.

Name Meaning of fashion

Meaning of Rugmesh

Is Rugmesh a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rugmesh?

Rugmesh is Boy/Male and origin is Indian

Rugmesh means: Fashion

Meaning of Kanha

Is Kanha a female or a male name and what is the origin of Kanha?

Kanha is Boy/Male and origin is Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Sindhi, Telugu

Kanha means: Fashion; Lord Krishna

Meaning of Chhab

Is Chhab a female or a male name and what is the origin of Chhab?

Chhab is Girl/Female and origin is Indian, Punjabi, Sikh

Chhab means: Beauty; Splendour; Brilliance; Fashion; Form; Figure

Meaning of Chhab

Is Chhab a female or a male name and what is the origin of Chhab?

Chhab is Girl/Female and origin is Indian

Chhab means: Beauty, Splendor, Brilliance, Fashion, Form, Figure

Meaning of Kalvin

Is Kalvin a female or a male name and what is the origin of Kalvin?

Kalvin is Boy/Male and origin is English

Kalvin means: Bald. Famous Bearers: Early 20th century American President Coolidge; fashion designer Calvin...

Meaning of Calvin

Is Calvin a female or a male name and what is the origin of Calvin?

Calvin is Boy/Male and origin is English American Latin

Calvin means: Bald. Famous Bearers: Early 20th century American President Coolidge; fashion designer Calvin...

Meaning of Eachna

Is Eachna a female or a male name and what is the origin of Eachna?

Eachna is Girl/Female and origin is Irish

Eachna means: From each meaning “steed, horse.” The daughter of a king of the Irish province of Connacht, she was renowned for both her beauty and her fashion sense. “A smock of royal silk she had next to her skin, over that an outer tunic of soft silk and around her a hooded mantle of crimson fastened on her breast with a golden brooch.”

Meaning of Roy

Is Roy a female or a male name and what is the origin of Roy?

Roy is Surname or Lastname and origin is Scottish

Roy means: Scottish : nickname for a person with red hair, from Gaelic ruadh ‘red’.English (of Norman origin) : variant of Ray 1, cognate of 3.French : from Old French rey, roy ‘king’ (from Latin rex, genitive regis), a nickname for someone who lived in a regal fashion or who had earned the title in some contest of skill or by presiding over festivities.Indian (Bengal) and Bangladeshi : variant of Rai.

Meaning of Rey

Is Rey a female or a male name and what is the origin of Rey?

Rey is Surname or Lastname and origin is Spanish and southern French (Occitan)

Rey means: Spanish and southern French (Occitan) : from Spanish and Old French rey ‘king’ (from Latin rex, genitive regis), which could have been applied any of in numerous ways: it may have denoted someone in the service of a king; it may have been from the title of someone in a brotherhood; or a nickname for someone who behaved in a regal fashion or who had earned the title in some contest of skill or by presiding over festivities.English : variant spelling of Ray 1, cognate with 1.German : from a short form of a Germanic personal name formed with ragin ‘counsel’.German : nickname for a leader of dancing or singing, from Middle Low German rei(e) ‘(line) dance’, ‘(satirical) song’.

Meaning of George

Is George a female or a male name and what is the origin of George?

George is Surname or Lastname and origin is English, Welsh, French, South Indian, etc.

George means: English, Welsh, French, South Indian, etc. : from the personal name George, Greek Geōrgios, from an adjectival form, geōrgios ‘rustic’, of geōrgos ‘farmer’. This became established as a personal name in classical times through its association with the fashion for pastoral poetry. Its popularity in western Europe increased at the time of the Crusades, which brought greater contact with the Orthodox Church, in which several saints and martyrs of this name are venerated, in particular a saint believed to have been martyred at Nicomedia in ad 303, who, however, is at best a shadowy figure historically. Nevertheless, by the end of the Middle Ages St. George had become associated with an unhistorical legend of dragon-slaying exploits, which caught the popular imagination throughout Europe, and he came to be considered the patron saint of England among other places.

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